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Madical & Health Services
Health NGO

Medical and Health NGO

Health and Medical NGO

Rajpurohit Seva Sansthan is quite concerned about non-availability of medical & health services to the poor and helpless children, old men & pregnant ladies in the remote areas. In the absence of this most wanted service to the humanity thousands of suffering sick die prior to their natural death. People need proper check up, consultation, advise, awareness and medication. There are cases to be refered to referal hospitals at right time; otherwise any casuality can happen at such occasions.
As a part of our duty & service to the society Rajpurohit seva sansthan has taken up this responsibility since inception. We organize blood donation & medical camps in tribal & unapproachable areas, where the ignorant people are made aware of health, hygiene, HIV/AIDS, STI / RTI and various other diseases. They are cautioned about ill results of using tobacco, smoking, use of “Gutkha”, opium, liquor and alcoholism etc. Till date Sansthan organized 255 medical camps in “kacchi basties” (slum) and tribal areas including blood donation and blood testing is 261. Thousands of men and women attended these camps from time to time and benefited from this activity .
Difference in infectious – non infectious diseases like Cancer, cereberal palsy, polio, tuberculosis, fluorosis, leprosy, asthama ,blindness and other health problems are discussed in these awareness camps, special camps are also organized for ladies where rural women are not familiarized about gynecological problems, care during pregrancy, reproductive child health issues, diet & nutrition and general health care.
During these camps male & female doctors with paramedical staff render their services by checking up the patients, providing them medicines, medical treatment and advice. Serious patients are refered to referral hospital. Ambulance of our Sansthan provides transportation facility to such patients.