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Rajpurohit Seva Sansthan - Gaushala




Gaushala is the Concept of Cow Protection and Habitat Conservation. In Sanskrit the word 'Gaushala' literally means cow protection or the place where cows are sheltered. Other Sanskrit names for the cow are Go-mata (mother cow), Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling), and Aghnya (never to be killed).

Rajpurohit Seva Sansthan Gaushala (shelter home) was established April 2003 at Guda Mokam Singh (Isali, Pali, Rajasthan) by the founder Shri Ghisu Lal Rajpurohit. Initially the Gaushala was started with 60 cows on 5 bigha land. Now we have around 635 cows in Gaushala. Later on Government of Rajasthan alloted 2.61 Hactare land for the holy purpose. Maintaining what we have is depends mostly on hard work and proper management. Our investments have been by personal sacrifice and a help from our friends, symphathisers and cow protectors who, although unable to personally raise and protect cows, see the necessity for cow protection and are willing to lend a helping hand.

Facilities we have:
• Gaushala is running on 2.61Hectare land.
• Tin shed covered with weed and hay to protect more than 635 cows and calves.
• We have three cemented water container for drinking water facility to the rescued animals.
• We have a tractor, a tanker on hire basis to carry water and a trolly to carry fodder for cows; purchased with the support of individual donors.
• Two rooms are constructed for the Gopalks, the care takers of cows.
• We avail drinking water for cows from nearby village wells; for this requirement most of the time we have to pay a big amount.
• We have taken grazing yards on rent.
• We have fodder cutting machine.
• We have employed 22 Gopalak and 7 volunteers to serve and take care of cows.

Cow Protection

Importance of Cows

Role of Cows in Rural Economy