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Education NGO
Education NGO Rajasthan

Children are said to be our Nation’s future builders. It is not necessary that only urban children can make the nation bright. There are uncountable examples where eminent scientists, top class administrators, globally known leaders, musicians, astrologists, artists, archeologists, doctors, engineers & architects come from rural families. The villages they belonged to have no high schools or colleges or even means to travel long for education, but the families who could manage education for their kids are today proud of being parents of such eminent figures.
Government alone can not afford or provide all facilities to the school going children. The poor tribal, land less / marginal / small farmers & labour class of our rural belt is financially so weak that they are unable to afford education of their children & are forced to withdraw them from school.
On the other hand “GOD-the superpower” has blessed many of us to help these children go to school and share build our developing nation. Rajpurohit Seva Sansthan has come forward to help the poor students by providing them school bags, books, exercise copies, stationary, shoes, school uniforms, sweaters and other clothing in winter.

Help for Study of poor and needy children - (per child per annum)
1 Primary Standard (Class 1 to 5) child Rs. 1100/-
2 Middle Standard (Class 6 to 8) child Rs. 1800/-
3 Sen. Secondary Standard (up to Class 12) child Rs. 2500/-